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I take advantage of them for unsolicited mail. Back in the day, we might print out letters and envelopes, apply stamps, stuff and was a time consuming and expensive process, especially when you consider the price of an worker who has to do all that work. Now, I just export a bunch of names and addresses from my inside database to a spreadsheet, add the spreadsheet to an internet service and have them do the remainder. It is simple and quick. However unfortunately it is still not low cost. I’ve found that the cost of using these companies to ship out 1,000 items, including the postcard and postage, is normally in the neighborhood of $zero.50-$zero.60 per card.

With the lackluster advantages of a job which has gone from safe to downsizing, firing, rightsizing, lopsiding, reorganizing, health advantages to certain circumstance advantages, from raises and bonuses to be thankful you could …

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