Technology Product No More a Mystery

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One ongoing drawback has been dischordance between what is advocated by leaders of feminism and what most girls want. The bulk of girls do not need to go without male partners, or to be denied the advantages of beauty and romance, or to be childless, or to be nasty mean-spirited harpies, or to dwell a grim workaholic existence with out anybody to appreciate them. They need to be women; they wish to have fruitful relationships with men. Some need to have careers; some want to be keep-at-home mother and father; some need both. In this matter the question to ask is, What is it that constitutes progress toward better well-being for girls? And is it the identical as the instructions espoused by the leaders of feminism?

A significant motive for the decline is the Web–that progressive technology that has wasted no time dismantling the markets, manufacturing, and affect of practically …

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