Combine Technology & Fitness

Are you ready to ramp up your fitness regime?  It has become increasingly common to combine fitness and technology. Gone are the days of writing down the length and duration of walks or runs.  Check out the huge selection of activity trackers and wearables that are now on the market. One of the great advantages of activity trackers is every movement throughout the day is recorded and accumulated towards your ultimate goal. You can see each day how close you’re coming reaching your goal.  Also, by just wearing an activity tracker, you have a gentle reminder to constantly be moving.

Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of quality athletic shoes from Famous Footwear. Set short term goals. Define your goals in terms of fitness advances, not weight loss.  Mindful food choices and a consistent workout regime will result in weight loss. The shorter duration the goal, the more likelihood it will be achieved. Commit to taking a brisk walk at least five days a week for thirty minutes at a time. The initial goal is to establish a habit. You’ll soon feel stronger and have an increased energy level.  Don’t focus on speed or distance initially; focus on duration.  After three weeks, increase your speed and begin to tackle hills. Training experts espouse the benefits of power bursts during brisk walks.  Every six minutes, ramp up your walking pace for three minutes. This will really increase your stamina and metabolic rate. In just a few short months you’ll begin to feel a huge difference. Enlist a friend to join you or listen to music or a podcast to keep your motivation going.

Don’t sabotage your new fitness routine with poor food choices.  Eliminate sugary sodas and fast food from your diet. An abundance of sugar and sodium causes a myriad of problems including bloating, fatigue, skin problems to name just a few. Opt instead for fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Be mindful of portion sizes. Congratulations on your new wellness journey!