12 Tips & Tricks to clean Silver

Jewelry made of silver is very popular, but unfortunately silver has the great disadvantage that it can turn black over time. If you want to Silberschmuck reinigen, you will find 12 good household tips.

Why is silver turning black?

Modern jewelry is usually treated specifically to prevent tarnishing. Silver does not tarnish due to perspiration, as is often mistakenly assumed. Since it is not a pure noble metal but an alloy, the material reacts with hydrogen sulfide contained in the air.

There are some detergents for silver in trade, mostly in the form of a so-called silver bath. The jewelry is placed in the liquid for a certain time and then shines like new again. You can save money, though. There are also many simple home remedies, which can be used to quickly remove jewelry or silverware from discoloration.

Tip 1: Aluminium foil

One can clean the jewelry or the silverware by wrapping it in aluminum foil and then put this packet in boiling water for about 60 minutes. You can also put it in the dishwasher.

Tip 2: Toothpaste

An old trick to get silver shiny again is the cleaning with toothpaste. To do this, simply put some toothpaste on an old toothbrush, and the jewelry cleaned with it. Allow to react briefly, then rinse with water.

Tip 3: Aluminium foil and salt

The objects of silver are put into a bowl, to which are added a few snippets of alufoil and a teaspoon of salt. Then the dish is filled with hot water and the liquid is allowed to act for one to two minutes before the objects are rinsed thoroughly with clear water. The exposure time should not be exceeded, as otherwise the surface can be attacked.

Tip 4: Acidic milk

It is also possible to use acidic milk for cleaning silver jewelry. To this end put the jewelry in a bowl and give sour milk over it so that everything is covered. The milk must now be able to work for a few hours, you can leave it overnight. Then the jewelry is thoroughly rinsed with clear water and then shines as new.

Tip 5: Raw potatoes

If you want to clean some coarser silver jewelry you can rub it with a raw potato.

Tip 6: Curd Soap

Silver chains can be inserted into a mixture of slightly liquid curd soap and (very little) ammonia, which is diluted with hot water.

Tip 7: Natron

Silver jewelry with a brushed surface can also be treated with natron. To do this, add some natron to a toothbrush, and move in circular movements over the piece of jewelry.

Tip 8: Ash

Ash is also suitable for cleaning silver, which is applied to the jewelry with a household towel and rubbed off easily, then the jewelry is washed thoroughly. You do not have to heat the fireplace at the same time. Cigarette ash is just as good.

Tip 9: Beer

The silver platter can be put into beer overnight and rinse thoroughly the next morning.

Tip 10: Baking powder

For the cleaning of silver jewelry, you can dissolve a packet of baking soda in a bowl of water and place the jewelry over night.

Tip 11: Denture Cleansers

If you dissolve a tablet of denture cleaner in a bowl of warm water, you can enter silver jewelry for cleaning for a few hours.

Tip 12: School Chalk

In order to prevent the beginning of silversmith’s jewelry, one can put into the drawer, in which the jewelry are kept, a more ordinary school chalk.