Getting to Understand Incident Management and Why It’s Important


Internet crime has led to the need for a computer security incident response team. Internet crime is one of the issues that companies in the developed nations face. An incidence response team is, therefore, crucial in detecting an intruder to a company’s computer systems and analyzing the damage that has been done. Computer forensics form part of the incident management team. If you are looking for incident management services, you should look no further than here.

People familiar with the term incident management will tell you that it is aimed at preventing the occurrence of an incidence. Therefore, it can be referred to the process of identifying, analyzing as well as putting the right measures in place. When the incidents have been identified, they are then handled by the relevant people such as the incident management team or the incident response team. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, these two teams are formulated long before an incident happens. The aim is to return operations to normal after an interruption.

More about incident management

Other than the incident management team and incident response team, there is another agency that is related to the two, and it’s referred to as incident command center. This term is commonly used in agencies that deal with public safety. Also, institutions in the private sector are also familiarizing with the term of late. In short, incident management is geared towards responding to emergencies to the public. However, the way incident management is carried out depends on the jurisdiction the county. The way that the process is carried out in Canada is different with the way that it is carried out in the United States. Nevertheless, there are some basics that remain the same such as administration and finance, logistics as well as planning. The other two important elements are operations and command. In the implementation of incident management, there are important positions that should be taken care of. For instance, there is liaison and safety, public affairs and incident commander.

Definition of an incident

Now that we are discussing incident management, it’s good that we look into the term incident and what it stands for. In organizations and companies, the term incident refers to an activity that results in disruption or loss. It leads to interference with the way functions, operations and services go about in an entity. The issues should be taken care of as it may escalate and become an accident leading to disasters or crisis. Services that can be disrupted by an incident include IT Systems, information security, and other business operations. It can also disrupt customers and employees. Activities involved in incident management include identification, registration, and categorization. Other activities necessary includes recovery and resolution, diagnoses and investigation as well as prioritization and incident closure. Categorization is another important factor in incident management.


This article discusses incident management and why it’s important. It also discusses the term incident and how its management could help prevent organizational disasters. The article concludes by looking into activities involved in incident management.