Most Well-Known Qualities of Servant Leaders

Servant leadership is a practice that is very common of many religious educational institutes. However, many individuals have trouble understanding what this term specifically means as most wouldn’t put the words servant and leadership together. Servant leadership is simply defined as leading with others in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that good servant leaders possess so you can better understand what this term encompasses and how it is practiced.

A skilled servant leader is focused on creating leaders among their students. They provide an opportunity for their students to grow and demonstrate their ability to lead. As part of allowing this growing process to take hold, the leader surrenders power and allows their students to lead when the time is appropriate. This is a process that takes place over a long period of time as a quality servant leader always thinks with the long-term in mind. It’s important to realize the tradeoff between making choices that benefit those in the future and those in front of them today.

Another important quality that any good servant leader must possess in their pallet is the ability to sell their thoughts and persuade others to their views. It’s important to realize that these leaders are not dictators. Dictators are those who tell their people, in this case, students, how to think. Servant leaders use their selling ability to persuade their students to think in a similar way as they do. This is a relationship of acceptance, not one of dictatorship.

Humility is a very important quality in any servant leader. The ability to be humble to others and do whatever job that the masses needs to be done is something every leader must do. You can click here to read about how Christ practiced humility when it came to his disciples. Small chores, such as picking up the garbage or cleaning a table, are those that are performed by servant leaders from time to time when they need to set an example for their students.

Everyone is different and they possess many different opinions about life, trust, and other aspects. An experienced servant leader understands the diversity of their students and is able to value every student’s contribution. They will work to create a level of trust and comfort where their students can freely express their opinions without fear of judgment by others. The leader doesn’t respond by attempting to change the student’s opinions, rather, they work to understand the background of the student and why they value the opinions that they do.

As you can see, a servant leader is many things. They are not just a servant to be utilized when there is a need for extra labor. They are not fully a leader who dictates what others can do and what they are restricted from doing. Servant leaders work with their community to create an open-stream of opinions that broaden the scope of their atmosphere and provide guidance for the growth and develop of their students.