What is Interactive Television?

Interactive TV (ITV) is a television that can accept the program broadcast (down-link) and can also return information to the television announcer (up-link). So, there is an interactive between the broadcaster to the audience and the audience to the announcer.

Almost anywhere in the world that frees TV for every person and every home, most people around the world spend a quarter of their lives in front of the TV to watch, there is a new technology television is being developed even in Europe and America already implemented. For more information just visit IPTV System Millions of dollars have been spent creating a TV that is not monotonous only one way (just watch) but a new technology that can interact with the television so that more interesting anymore. In digital era revolution is now we will hear what we call Interactive TV (ITV: Interactive TV).

Our ASTRO consumer who pays monthly to get something new that might also expect to get more program choices, more entertaining, provide comfort to watch and present something amazing. Something amazing when the consumer can control all the desires and can interact directly with the remote TV he watched. So that all the remote buttons are handled it the result of interaction between himself and TV so for us as pay-TV service providers will increase the number of consumers because each person has a desire to interact directly.

With the new technology, we also as a provider of TV subscriptions can monitor our consumers directly to each individual. We can analyze the habits of our consumers, consumer interest, and others so that we really provide an event program in accordance with the expected by consumers. Consumer database we can though for other needs unnoticed by our consumers.

So, in the end, we can control the audience even though indirectly and unnoticed by the audience.