What is Water Purifier and Why Should We Use One?

A water purifier is a kitchen appliance that is responsible for removing undesirable contaminants, chemicals, particulate matter like bacteria, fungi, parasites, algae, suspended solid and gaseous particles and virus from drinking water. As per statistics collected by health departments of different states in India, there is minimum 1 person who dies every four hours by drinking contaminated water, in a progressive country like India. International organizations and governments of different countries work hand-in-hand in setting up the permissible limits of contamination in water that is used for different purpose. In association with World Bank, World Health Organization and some international & national level NGO’s & the corporate sector; our country too is working to fulfill major goals for reducing deaths due to waterborne diseases since independence.

Purified water is required not only for drinking but also required for medical and industrial applications. Conventional methods that are used for cleaning the water of its various toxins are boiling, use of activated carbon filters, filtration, sedimentation, distillation and slow sand filters. Some of the more advanced methods are the chemical processes of chlorination, flocculation, and use of radiations such as ultraviolet light. Water pollutants are not visible to the naked eye. Nor can the conventional boiling method alone purify water for drinking purpose. A TDS (Total Dissolved Salt) meter is apt for determining the purity level of drinking water at home.

Some of the common water purifier technology for domestic use is the RO water purifier and the UV water purifier.

Some of the excellent reasons for using a water purifier at home are:

  1. Water purifiers help remove harmful toxins and contaminants from the water thereby rendering it safe for human consumption
  2. Drinking pure and safe water helps build good immunity system of the body keeping it healthy and disease-free.
  3. Drinking contaminated water is a threat to the lives of young children and pregnant women capable of affecting the physical growth and development of the fetus, infants, and kids.
  4. Using water purifier saves time and cooking gas otherwise used for boiling the water. With the regular and timely change of filters, it is the quickest and best-proven method to provide safe drinking water.

Buying a water purifier or looking up for the best water purifier in India or searching for water purifier price is no longer a challenge. Online sites & portals provide a detailed description of contaminants against each RO water purifier or other types that they help eliminate from your drinking water. Not only that one can refer different reports from Government agencies and international organizations to understand the quality of drinking water being supplied to your city or region giving you a fair idea of the kind of water you are consuming daily. In case you are more investigative, you can find out the micro details of the drinking water conditions in and around your place of living. Based on all these factors you can decide whether you require a water purifier or not and if yes, the type that would work perfectly for your home.